Monday, April 11, 2005

No, I'm not a Librarian, but...

...I can help you.

To the general public, anyone who works behind a Circulation Desk or tells a story at Story Hour in the library is a professional librarian. Library support staff may not have an MLS, but they are paraprofessionals, clerks, cataloging technicians, administrative assistants and more. Sometimes they are professionals in their own fields.

Personally, I hold a Bachelor of Communications degree, am Staff Development and Training Coordinator for a large public library system in the Southeast, a member of ALA and PLA, a WebJunction Advocate, and a member of my State's library service continuing education committee.

We, as a collective, are all those things that keep the Library running smoothly.

My purpose in this blog is to address the major issues confronting Library support staff and to provide information and resources that can be used in our careers.

I hope you find it useful.