Friday, October 28, 2005

An Exciting New Blog for Library Learning

You are invited to the unveiling of the Cerritos Library's clioinstitute NEW thought-provoking blog—with an emphasis on creativity, learning, innovation, and organizational change.

We hope you will find our entries useful, and we urge you to share your own experiences and thoughts to help us create a blog consistently full of fresh and intriguing content.  

Join us at for fresh ideas from the library world and beyond.

The Cerritos Library established the clioinstitute in 2002 as its learning arm with the purpose of sponsoring thought-provoking events to help libraries creatively pioneer new approaches to lifelong learning. 
The clioinstitute was first featured online as part of the Cerritos Library's online tutorial—to assist, inspire and support those who wish to emphasize the role of the public library as a "learning organization" either by building a new "Experience Library" or reinventing elements of an existing library. 

clioinstitute events

Better Together: Creating Partnerships for Community Learning Conference, April 2006* 
Aimed at California public library teams, the purposes of the event are to: 
    • create and enhance partnerships with museums, public broadcasters, governmental and other community organizations
    • tap into more resources and increase audiences
    • increase the learning assets and opportunities available to local communities

Get Real! Helping Libraries Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times Conference, September 2004*
Aimed at California public library trustees, commissioners and system advisory board members, the purposes of the event were to:  
    • give an update on trends that affect how libraries connects with their communities
     increase effectiveness as planners, policy-makers and spokespersons
     explore how other types of organizations meet - and exceed - the community's expectations

Reenergize Your Library’s Service Environment Workshop, March 2004
Aimed at anyone wishing to reenergize a library service environment, the purposes of the event were to: 
    • explore the FISH! Philosophy 
    • practice using playstorming techniques
    • rethink local library customer service using the Cerritos Library WOW Customer Service Model and FISH! 

Imagine it, Explore it, Create it! Conference, May 2003* 
Aimed at California public library teams, the purposes of the event were to: 
    • imagine new possibilities
    • explore how to retool current services
    • create unique experiences tailored to local communities

clioinstitute is sponsored by the Cerritos Public Library, Cerritos, California

*Funding assistance for these events has been provided by the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California  by the State Librarian.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Learning to Blog

A fantastic look at what libraries are doing with blogs as learning examples, The Free Range Librarian, K.G. Schneider, has posted her recent conference presentation "virtual handout" on blogging and RSS tools. Check out Blogs: Not Just Another Ugly Neologism

Also, Michael Stevens at Tame the Web has shared his Dominican University's LIS class assignment which includes creating a blog and then making 5 blog posts about libraries, technology and the Web. Wow.

CC: I Am So Gonna Blog This (If Only I Could)

Getting an Interview the Sneaky Way

How can your resume stand alone from the rest? How to Write a has published these seven tricks for getting an interview. Depending on your target, though, I'd say a few of these are way over the top...
  1. Use different colored paper for your resumes.
  2. Use different sized paper.
  3. Have an inside contact.
  4. Send a Certified Letter.
  5. Send your resume with a gift.
  6. Deliver the resume in person.
  7. Do the "PostIt" trick - pretend it's already been seen (and liked) by an insider.
See the full version here.

This article was found in my inbox, which never ceases to educate and entertain. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

E-Rate Program Criticized by House Oversights & Investigations

Many of our public libraries and schools get their Internet access with FCC administered E-Rate funds, but a new report by The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations calls the program full of "weakness and abuse" and calls for an overhaul of the program.
Via Yahoo! News Asia.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Man, are public libraries a fantastic resource!"

Says David Battino, editor of O’Reilly’s Digital Audio site, and co-author of The Art of Digital Music.
In addition to the expected books and magazines, my local library has a surprisingly good collection of CDs and DVDs. Because the discs are in such great demand, though, finding ones I wanted to try had been an exercise in serendipity.

Then I discovered that by entering my library card number and PIN on the library’s site, I could search for and reserve materials from the entire county library system. The items I request are shipped to my local library, which sends me an e-mail when they arrive. I then have a week to pick them up. It’s like getting NetFlix or Amazon for free, although you have to return the materials after three weeks. (Actually, in many cases, you can renew the materials online as well, so you get more time.) Read more...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Online Course on Blogging

Blogger in progress imageTaking a cue from Syndication for Higher Ed with a hat tip to Library, I've created an online cooperative course on blogging titled I Am So Gonna Blog This (If I Only Could) using the blog itself as presentation. The introductory post may be found here.

Update: Library says "it's filled with screenshots (great idea!) and well thought out content." Thanks!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Technorati's Post-Librarian Era

David Sifry, the founder of Technorati, compares Google and Yahoo (as Librarians) to Technorati (as a "big-ass threaded conversation") in this revealing interview at
"And whereas a library is by tradition a place where people whisper, Mr Sifry's internet is a cheerfully noisy place."
Interesting reading, but the "post-librarian era" [of the Internet] comment seems abit premature, hmmm?

Homeless Librarian Hits Jackpot after Katrina

A homeless victim of the storm that ravaged New Orleans shelled out US$4.25 ($6.20) in quarters and won a US$1.6 million jackpot at a Louisiana casino where she had stopped to play the slot machines on her way to shop at a Wal-Mart discount store.

"I am a casino fanatic, it relaxes my nerves," said Jacquelyn Sherman, a 57-year-old retired librarian whose fortune changed on Tuesday. "I like winning but I never expected to win like this."

Sherman has been sleeping on her sister's floor in Opelousas, Louisiana, since the storm ravaged her house and killed hundreds of New Orleans residents in late August.

Sherman said she is determined to find a new, comfortable home back in the Big Easy.

The casino where she got lucky with the slot machine was Evangeline Downs Racetrack & Casino in Opelousas, near Lafayette where many victims of Katrina and later Hurricane Rita sought shelter.

With regard to Wal-Mart, Sherman said: "We haven't got there yet." REUTERS

Sacremento library staff is mad as heck and not going to take it anymore!

Maybe it's not quite Howard Beale, but close...
Refusing to be "quiet, please," librarians are speaking out at the Sacramento Public Library, asserting they are overworked, understaffed and increasingly unable to meet the needs of patrons.

Budget-related issues resonating through the 27-branch system are echoing loudly at the flagship central library in downtown Sacramento, where employees recently signed a petition urging more staffing or fewer operating hours. In addition, librarians warned officials that funding cuts last year have resulted in poor customer service, safety issues and low employee morale.

"It is unacceptable to close public (information) desks," librarian Rebecca Higgerson told the Sacramento Public Library Authority Board. "It is unacceptable for patrons to stand in long lines because we don't have enough staff." More...

ALA-Library Supporters?

Ok, just kidding...
CHICAGO – The American Library Association -Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) is in search of a new name. The American Library Association established the ALA-APA in 2002 to advocate for the status and to better the salaries for library workers, and to offer certifications for library staff in specialized fields. With all the challenges ALA-APA faces in improving the status and educational qualifications of library workers, the association is in need of a name that reflects its mission.

“Awareness of the organization and its purposes is steadily increasing, but the ALA-APA is a still a long way from becoming a household name,” said ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels. “At this point, we need to increase its visibility and create greater awareness of its important work among ALA members and the library community. One way to increase this awareness is through a name more expressive of the organization's purposes.”

ALA members and others interested in the status of library workers are invited to suggest a more appropriate name for ALA-APA that captures its two purposes:

-Certification of individuals in library specializations
-Advocacy and direct support of comparable worth, pay equity initiatives, and other activities designed to improve the salaries and status of librarians and other library workers.

Send all entries via e-mail to Jenifer Grady at, or fax to 312-944-6131. All entries must be submitted by Friday, October 28, 2005. Telephoned entries cannot be accepted.