Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sidebar Resources

Update 5/26/05: Feed from my inbox. I'm a huge fan of the social bookmarking tool,, and love the subscription capablities it offers. You can call on just about any topic of interest and then have it delivered to you via RSS in dozens (hundreds?) of ways. Click here for a good entry-level tutorial. Interested in more ways to connect via RSS? Check out Library Clips!

I've also added a flickr badge that will show all photos tagged with "library." Nice!

Update 5/14/05: Let's switch to Top 10 MSN Top Tens for a bit, hmmm? I like the way you can Use MSN Search Builder for specialized general web searches and then export them via RSS...and I've always been a fan of "Top Ten Lists." :)

Archive 5/08/05: I've been watching these Search results in my feedreader for while now and am pleased that it updates when something new comes around and I can share it with my library's staff. I'm also reminded that when I was a Stay At Home Mom a big part of what I did to keep my brain from turning into the contents of a dirty diaper was to teach myself computer skills via free online courses.

Unless it requires too much loading time, I'll show these feeds (via RSS Digest) in the main page's sidebar.

So here's a reminder that you're never to busy to learn and...