Monday, July 18, 2005

Library Staff Ethics Question

Interesting discussion at Library Lovers' LiveJournal:
Do we really believe that because librarians work for peanuts that we "deserve" to check out new books first?
I imagine that most libraries, like ours, have a staff policy which states that staff members are required to follow the same circulation policies as the public. Our library does have programming accounts with a longer circulation period, and yes, staff members don't accrue fines.

But to sneak a book when it's on reserve for a patron? I had the opportunity last week. I REALLY wanted to read Janet Evanovich's Eleven on Top and found it on the bookmobile. After catching up with the bookmobile Librarian late in the afternoon, lo and behold he has that very book in his satchel. Cool, I thought, he's a mind reader, too! Too bad he'd brought out the book for a patron request...but I let it go.

And I wanted to take that book on my long camping weekend and find out if Stephanie and Ranger finally...oh never mind.

Any way, Yes, I had the opportunity. No, I didn't take it. I have maintained my commitment to our policies...but darn it, I've got to know if she finally picks Ranger or Joe!