Thursday, September 01, 2005

Testing the Open Blog Concept

In the interest of providing more access to library staff, I'm going to open posting via email on this blog. I know that there are others out there who care about the issues related to being support staff personnel in a library, and can say things more eloquently than I. The "Open Blog" is a powerful concept and might prove to be valuable here.

Doing this will sacrifice the technorati tags and the categorizing, but I'm thinking the benefits will shine through. I'm really hoping that the site can become more useful to anyone who wants to blog about library work-life but doesn't have an outlet.

To post, simply send an email to librarysupporter.guest at or click on this link with your post title as the subject line and body as your message.

I will be moderating these posts for a while to avoid spam and possible formatting issues. I've added the information to the sidebar, as well as a contact link in case there are questions...

Anyway, we'll see if this works!