Thursday, September 15, 2005

Unique Inside Look at the Redstone Arsenal Library

While the web services offer 24-hour convenience from any location, there is still no substitute for a trip to their site. Three floors of information await any who make the trip. The first floor, Open Literature, houses journals, Internet access and information, reference materials and books. Offices are housed on the second floor. The third floor, Documents, is home to classified, restricted and limited information. These materials with soon include the files on the ended Comanche project, which are currently being processed into RSIC. Some of the information housed on the third floor of RSIC is not available anywhere else. Because of the restrictions on such material, working with a librarian is crucial to finding what you need on the third floor. More...
The Redstone Scientific Information Center is located on the Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and serves the Army work force, retirees and contractors, Marshall Space Flight Center, and the Space and Missile Defense Command. The library was featured in today's Huntsville Times.