Friday, June 17, 2005

Clippings 6/17/05

Haven't had a whole lot of time this week: Everytime I check Bloglines or and see something interesting to blog about, I've had to get back to work. Or psyched out, I dunno. Ah well. At least I haven't completely abandoned this blog...

I did finish a major project today, a comprehensive circulation procedural guide. Whew! I also continued to worry about my very pregnant dog and...I bought a big truck. Posts have been way on the bottom of the task list!

Speaking of tasks, did a "Getting Things Done" by David Allen class this week...will try to post the .ppt on Monday. I added several blogcasts from The Office Blogcast Repository, a great resource for Microsoft Office tips from UK tech guru Allister Frost.

And, like Chrystie at WebJunction, I've got my own ALA Madness going on. Remember I coordinate travel for conference attendees? Ooh, my favorite part of the job. And I'm not even going this year! As Chrystie mentioned, they do throw a great party. I'm even in the community spotlight this month... I better not go, I'd be dancing on the tables!

So for posting tonight I'll free-form...

John Battelle's Searchblog notes that Google will offer a payment service much like Paypal later this year. Somehow, that's no surprise.

11 Steps to a Better Brain [New Scientist] found at Neat New Stuff. “Working memory training could be the key to unlocking brain power.” I've thought for a long time that keeping the brain active, always learning, is the key.

And on a related note via LIS News: The usefulness of librarians (Digital Curation Centre) "This is an opportunity for these professionals to take on new roles, first through training in new information technologies and second by creating new forms of partnership with scientists and researchers. The development of these hybrid skills is an urgent requirement for educational and research organisations."

An amazing article titled How To Become a Librarian by Rachel Singer Gordon. I plan to add this to my online New Employee Orientation!

I've especially loved Hope's Little Library since her boss has been gone! :)

Ok, that's it. It's almost midnight and I'm pooped. I'll try not to stay away so long next time. Besides, Little League Baseball is ALMOST over!