Thursday, May 26, 2005

Clippings! 5/26/05

Announcing a new feature at Library Supporter: Clippings! Sites or stories that caught my attention in my aggregator. Some I keep because I mean to read further, others because I liked the piece...and I've always been a pack-rat. :)

Recovering from an Emotionally Unhealthy Library. Sarah at Beyond the Job points to a moving piece about moving from an extremely stressful library worklife.

The Nature of Information in the 21st Century: Conundrums for the Informatics Community? from E-LIS. An excellent proposition for "coping with the ever evolving nature of the [digital information] beast".

Pieces of heartache by the Feel-good Librarian. I just love her posts!

Ask Launches New Zoom and Answering Services says John Battelle's Searchblog. Ask has two new features which allow a user to Zoom in or Expand a search by provideding relevant terms in a sidebar. Nice work!

and finally...

Blog Bubble to Burst. Film at 11. by Weblogg-ed News. Good story, but the headline makes it even better.