Sunday, May 15, 2005

The GTD Equation

Getting things done. Now there's a concept for success: GTD=(>$)

The cult of GTD is based mostly on the works of professional training, coaching, and management consulting guru based in Ojai, California, USA. David Allen. "Getting Things Done" seems to be what people need to do the most. His Coaches Corner has some interesting titles, but for the most part he's selling his products and booking seminars. This guy is good. He offers a video download of a portion of one of his seminars and it's easy to see why his techniques are so successful. Too bad The David Allen Company isn't publicly held...I imagine the financial aspects are very, very good.

One of the most popular sites linked at these days is OpenLoops. Bert Webb is a school administrator who confesses that his "lack of knowledge in productivity that has brought me to a point where I have to learn." A few recent post titles indicate the tone of the blog: How to Say What You Really Mean, Hand Gestures Linked To Better Speaking, and Ten Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills are examples of his tips for better living. He does have a store, but Open Loops isn't one of these sites that advertise free business articles but then make you register.

A key concept in the GTD method is organizing your life digitally. TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook, is wildly popular, though I have to mention Hipster PDA (index cards and binder clips) for those who haven't yet crossed the great digital divide. Either way, there's is a lot to be learned, and gained, from applying these techniques.

So I'll jump in and get the book. I'll look more closely at the productivity tools for addressing the cluttered desk and inbox.

Besides, if I don't Get Things Done I won't be successful. If I'm a total slacker and don't Get Things Done At All I won't produce any income. If I Get More Things Done at work I'll become more efficient and valuable to my workplace: GTD=(>$).

But $99.00 for an official David Allen note-taker wallet and pen? (Temporarily out of stock)

I don't think so.