Friday, May 13, 2005

So You Wanna Learn Something?

Often funny and mostly irreverant, has some remarkably good How-To's, but USE YOUR POP-UP BLOCKER!

Here are a few titles from the Education category:
Now that you're finished with college, it's time to enter the real world: a world of cubicles, office politics, and backstabbing corporate weirdos. That's when you suddenly realize that college really wasn't such a bad experience after all. You got to read about interesting things, had a relatively relaxed schedule, and there was always time for a well-planned kegger. Why not extend your college lifespan a little longer by applying to graduate school? We here at are all for graduate school; it's a great way to learn about things that are specifically interesting to you while not having to deal with all of the unrelated prerequisites of the undergrad experience. But before you proceed to filling out those applications, there's an important feat of intelligence to be overcome: a standardized test that quizzes you on what you learned in college. This beast's name is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). So You Wanna Learn the Basics of the GRE

Plus More!

ace the LSAT
"Law School's A Terror."

ace the SAT
"It's no big deal. Just your FUTURE!"

avoid common logical errors
"If A, then B. But why would I ever want to A?!"

avoid common writing errors
"Don’t write so good?"