Saturday, May 14, 2005

Security 101 for Windows Computers

The University of Delaware website has an incredible computer security section. Though sometimes specific to the UD network, the tips and links to tools available are thorough, yet easy enough for a beginnner computer user. The Code of the Web will even give a chuckle!

Sample this from Security 101 for Windows Computers:
  • Activate your computer's built-in firewall or use firewall software.
  • Use up-to-date Anti-Virus Protection - UD-licensed McAfee software.
  • Keep Current with your computer's latest Security Patches:
    1. Operating System Critical Updates
    2. Application Critical Security Updates

  • Password-protect your computer accounts.
  • Protect against Spyware/Adware.
  • Use secure client software to connect to UD central UNIX systems.
  • Protect your computer from remote abuse:
    1. Windows Settings and Configuration
    2. File Sharing
    3. E-mail Settings
    4. Web Browser Settings

  • Backup your files regularly.