Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Must-Have Technology Skills for Library Staff

The Shifted Librarian, Jenny Levine, has updated an educator-based technology skills list to include tech skills Librarians should know. Relevant, good stuff!

In the same vein, here are my recommendations for tech skills for Library staff and paraprofessionals:

  1. Your specific library's electronic material management system
  2. Any electronic service offered by your library (ebooks, online courses, scholarly databases)
  3. Word processing and spreadsheets skills (especially those programs installed on your Public Access Computers)
  4. Web navigation skills, including deep searching
  5. News management skills (including Headline News, professional journals, and library-related weblogs)
  6. E-Mail management skills
  7. File management & Windows Explorer skills, including storage devices
  8. Educational Copyright knowledge
  9. Computer security knowledge
  10. Any mandated computer policies, such as CIPA filtering and usage restrictions