Friday, November 04, 2005

Shattering Stereotypes at the Speed of "Shush"

Des Moines Register staff Writer Mike Kilen's thoughtful article on on the downtown Des Moines Public Library staff is really worth a read. While he showers praise on the staff for the recent rescue of a kidnapped child, he also seems to begrudgingly admit that public reference librarians are still a vital resource in the information age:
These are tough folks. Forget the shushing, bifocals-and-support-hose librarian. They don't like that image. Librarians are people who endure fickle budget decisions, the Patriot Act, the ever-changing information age and still have time for random arrests. They may be the most unusual public servant left in our time. More...
Posted on the APLS listserve. Thanks, Pooky!