Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lascivious Outreach in St. Louis

Raleigh Muns, Reference Librarian, University of Missouri-St. Louis, writes the student newspaper as "The Rogue Librarian." A recent Op-Ed piece, Sex and violence in the libraries (mostly sex) speaks of censorship and classical literature:
Most people are unaware that the majority of libraries are secretly seething with works chock full o' sex and violence goodness. Those who seek to remove such literature from our libraries typically pick on obvious choices. For instance, the magazine Playboy used to be a staple of large city public libraries but is rarely found in them today.


Willy Shakespeare is rather well known for injecting baudiness into his writings. Unfortunately, his sexiest work, the poem "Venus and Adonis," is seldom read.

Now that's the way to bring 'em to the library!